Post 5

it was Halloween.

In Japan, these days many people disguised themselves as something. But, in my case, I have not did anythimg special in Halloween. But, I get interested in Halloween history.

It is said that the origin of Halloween is Kelt. Halloween is a yearly celebration on 31 october. Originaly, Halloween day celebrates the harvest in autumn, and drive evils.But naw Halloween day become a festival without religious meanings.

Children dressed up as witches or ghost and visit other’s house. They say trick or treat.

Halloween day is similar to お盆. The similar part of them is that both welcome the spirit of dead persons. Obon is originated in Buddism. In Halloween, people dressed up as something, but in Obon people don’t disguised themselves. This is the difference between Halloween and Obon.

Post 13 4-character-idiom

In the last class, we saw a lot of 4-character-idioms. That was interesting and suggestive.

In this time, I made some of 4-character-idioms.


That means that in 2014 some people told lies and sometimes they made us laugh. In news, they were reported many times, and they became famous in a bad sense.


In 2014, the tax was raised from 5% to 8%. The Japanese goverment said that it would be okey to raise tax because the economic is becoming better. But actually, Japanese people didn’t feel that is true. So they feel sufferring from the raised tax.


A famous musician, ASKA arrested by using drugs. He was very known as a musician. When people hear this news, they were very surprised.


At first, I couldn’t pass this university, so I studied for one more year. Everyday I feel loney because I couldn’t do anything but study. But, it was okey because I could pass this university.

Post 8 kickstarter 2

Monetary Goal         ¥ 5,000,000

Last week,we held the school festival. It was very fun. There were 29 area’s shops we,freshman, run. There were many kind of rare foods which we can eat only in GAIGOSAI.

However, as we felt, freshman couldn’t enjoy these shop foods because they were busy runnig their own shop. In our shop, there were only 15 members. So, nobody can go around to eat foods.

I want all freshman to enjoy many foods in various countries. So, I want to build a online app where registrants offer their own foods and also they can buy other foods other registrants offer. If each freshman who major 29 countries join in this community, registrants enjoy 29 countries foods.


I create a group “29 Countries Foods”. My project is an application. If you download my app, you can buy and offer recipes. Of course, this depends on the pledges you pay. In this app, there are various recipes which is sold at the school festival. These recipes are offered by the application members. The condition is that the recipes should be ones sold at GAIGOSAI or ones originated in a specific country.  Let me show you an example how to use this app. If you want to eat kebab, you can select the recipes of kebab from all recipes in app. And you buy the recipe from the recipe provider. After buying you cook it.


This 29 Countries Foods is online community where many freshman enjoy various foods they couldn’t eat in GAIGOSAI because they were busy.


① You can enjoy rare foods without eatig out

② You can enjoy foods with reasonable prices


① Pledges ¥ 1000

You can join our app.

② Pledges ¥ 3000

You can join our app

You can buy recipes.

③ Pledges ¥ 5000

You can join our app

You can buy recipes.

You can offer 1 recipes at most

④ Pledges ¥ 10000

You can join our app

You can buy recipes

You can offer 2 recipes at most

⑤ Pledges ¥ 15000

You can join our app

You can buy recipes

You can offer 3 recipes at most

⑥ Pledges ¥ 30000

You can join our app

You can buy recipes

You can offer recipes without limits.

Post8 The school festival

Last week, we finished the school festival called GAIGOSAI with great success. We run our shop which sells Thai foods and alcohols. We were happy to get the first prize in small departments. We had fun at the festival, but, of course, we had many difficulties. Let me tell you about story of the festival.

In our class, there are 15 students who learn about Thai. We started to prepare the festival in May. The first task we had to do was to select the manager. To my surprise, it was so fast. I was selected as the manager. This is because I’m oldest in our depatment!! Because I don’t like being the manager so much, I accepted it. From this time, our long and hard journey started.

At first, we started to select which foods we will sell. In the end, we decided to sell curry,phat thai,gapao(rice with fried meet),and 4 kind of alcohols. It was easy to decide foods, but after that, we realized that it was very difficult to make these foods like ones made in Thai. This is because we hadn’t made them ever although we have ate them. Before the summer vocation, we had only one opportunity to make them. The first meeting was, in a sense, success becasuse we could understand it was difficult to make nice Thai foods. After that, in summer vocation, we held meetings many times to become able to make delicious foods. In summer vocation, there were also many other tasks. For example, the manager had to decide how many tools we rent. This was a hard task because I couldn’t predict anything. By asking seniors about that and disscussing with classmates, I managed to do the task.

After the summer vocation, everything got busy. First, we had to improve the quality of foods. To do so, we made them many many times. Maybe we have about 10 times meetings. Second, we started to make decolations which would make our shop beautiful. Third,I had to decide how many ingredients we buy. About this task, the vice manager Sak, who are the member of GLIP , was in charge of that. She often complained about the task. I feel sorry for it.

Though many things happened, our journey was entering the final phase. The time had come to enjoy the festival. On November 20th, the festival started. Throught the festival, we hadn’t have big problem except one thing. That was… much people came to our shop than we expected !! So happy but so busy !! each one always moved to make foods or carry them or take orders. Thanks to our customers, we could get the first prize in small departments !! This was the time when we were rewarded for the hard tasks.

Now, I’d like to review our festival and give advice to ourselves.

① The vice manager and I had to share the tasks

Only 2 people did almost tasks. So,we couldn’t hear other worth ideas. If we build some roles, we could progress our tasks more effectively. I learned that it is important to share tasks when we progress a big project.

② We had to expect that unexpecting things will happen.

We bought ingredients based on the last festival’s deta. But, of course, things don’t always happen as expected. We have to also think about measures after problems happened.

Post7 kickstarter

I’d like to provide you one sweet wihch is originated in Thailand and you can’t eat easily in Japan when you pay only 100 yen. You can enjoy easily the taste of a Thai sweet.

As you know, recently Thai food is becoming popular. You can have opportunities to eat Thai Food in many areas. But, it often costs much money to go out to eat them. So, I will tell you the way to make a Thai sweet by using only ingredients you can collect at Musashisakai !! If you live alone at Tama, you don’t have to go to Shinjuku in order to eat Thai Food.

Through the school festival, I became able to make the sweet named ” mogen ”

This is a little sugary, I think women love this sweet !



Post 6

We have to make a project on kickstarter.

At first, I’d like to see the difference between good projects and not so good projects

① Good projects use attracting pictures

Project image

This project is backed within deadline. As you may think this picture is interresting, I’m also attracted with this picture. I think this is important because if pictures can attract supporters, they feel they want to back the projects.

② Good projects have effective stories.

Noticing 6


This is the site where you can get money by making projects. If you can make attractive projects and advertise them, you can collect money from supporters

This site has limites. When you get money from supporters, you can use it only to conduct your projects.

Post 4 “Essential Questions”

I’d like to talk about “Essential Questions”-How are prejudice and bias created ? How do we overcome them ?

First, let me mention the example of that.

In recent years, it is said that the relationship between Japan and South Korea has getting worse. In each countries, more and more people have bad impressions. Though I can mention some reasons for this, the main reason, I think , is media which tells the people information. The reason why I think the media is the main cause of this kind of people’s feelings is that , as you can imagine , media have strong power which builds the emotions of people. Media shapes or changes people’s ideas. So, I think this will create prejudice and bias. For example, In Japan, media seldom broadcast good things about China. The news about China they broadcast is always about something bad. So, many Japanese people are forced to think China is a bad country. This is how, prejudice and bias are created.