cultural differences 

Japan and Thai


Most Japanese people greet by talking about weather. For example, “Hello,it is hot today!!”, “That’s true! Summer is coming.” 

I don’t know why many Japanese people do so, but I guess they have no choice but to talk about weather in order to maintain a good relationship with their friends. If you say only “Hello”, their friends may think that you are unfriendly. On the other hand, by saying talking about weather, you can show your intimacy with them. The reason why they talk about weather is difficult to explain because this is one of the Japanese customs.

While Japanese people talk about weather, many Thai often ask you whether you ate breakfast or not. This custom is interesting. In japan, if you say that, it is a little strange. By saying so, Thai displays their intimacy. So, when Thai ask you whether you ate breakfast or not, you don’t have to answer seriously.