Imagine / John Lennon

This is a very famous song from 1971 by John Lennon. He was one of the Beatles members. When he made this song, The Beatles had already broken up and he went solo. This song is one of his most popular song as a solo. At 1999, this was selected “top 100 most performed songs of the 20 century”. In japan, most Japanese people know it because they have listened to it in school as a class.

The song is about world peace. It says that the conflicts and hate which nations, religions and greed are bringing about are meaningless. By imagining and sharing the Utopia, people in the world can build peace.

“Imagine there`s no countries…” , “No religion…”  and ” No need for greed or hunger…”. These words of the song show that Lennon called for world peace. If there was no countries, religion and greed, world would become peaceful.

However, the real is quite different in the 21 century. We need to think about peace. As you know, there are many conflicts in the world now. Moreover, many conflicts are emerging. For example, in Ukraine, there is a difficult conflict between the group of pro-EU and the one of pro-Russia. And, Kurdish people haven’t build their own country though there are about 25000000 Krudish.

In order to resolve conflicts, Lennon mentions above words. However I disagree with Lennon’s idea because his opinion is superficial. He only talks about ideal and don’t present specific actions  It is true that we could make world peace if “no countries” and “no religion” would became true. However, I think it is very difficult to make such a situation realisticaly. Look at the EU. EU is tring to integrate Europe politicaly and ecomomicaly. This is the same thing Lennon says – ” No countries ”  But, Europian countries cannot be united well. This is because each nations try to gain each benefit. Also, religion is integral for many people. It is said that about 1,5 billion people in the world believe in Islam and about 2 billion people believe in Christianity. These pople’s lives are deeply connected with such religions. So, I think that In this world, we cannot build “No religion” world.

Now, I’d like to think about how to make peace in different way from Lennon’s ideal opinon. In stead of hoping the world peace, I think we have to take specific actions actually in order to make peace.