I have already started 30 days challenge since I entered this university. My challenge is keeping my household accounts. My home is in Saitama, which is far from TUFS. So, I have to live all by myself. Of course, I have to manage my own money.I know we often misspend money.So, I decided to keep my houshold accounts in order to avoid using money uneconomically. So far, it seems that relatively I succeed in managing money. While I continued to keep this challenge, I sometimes find how I waste money. For example, previously, I bought lunch at the commons of TUFS. This costs me some money more than I thought. So, I started to bring rice and only buy meat and vegetable. Thanks to this challenge, I try to save money.


I have watched it since I studied for the entrance examination.At this time, we watched “30days challenge” I tried to find his way of speech. I found that he often tell jokes. I think this way is effective because he can attract audience and have them listen to his talk more carefully.

I introduce my favorite TED talk.