secular ( not connected with or controlled by a church or other religious authority )

Example : In Japan, students get a secular education. On the other hand, in America, most students get a religious education.

I’d like to talk about Japanese religion. It is said that Japanese people don’t have religious devotion. So, I searched about why Japanese people are thought non-believers. I used as reference “COURRIER JAPOM” JUNE 2014 Vol 115 P58

The idea of “religion” is imported to Japan in Meiji Period for the first time. So, by that time, anyone didn’t think about “religion” as we do now. Also, the imported attitude toward “religion” is that people have to believe in only one religion. However, this idea didn’t conform to Japanese traditional style because they didn’t such a custom. And then, Japanese people started to think they were non-believers.

But, in fact, Japanese people have religious feelings. For example, those who call themselves non-believers put their hands together in front of the dead, praying to someone deeply. This show they have certain praying feeling