I chose some words from all Noticing and make a story.

I chose jaw-dropping ,the Japanese emperor, icky, clueless, pick someone up and krudish.





1000 years ago, there was a young man who governed Japan, The Japanese Emperor.He wanted to get krudish girlfriend for the lomg time. So, he tried to pick krudish girls up  However, most girls around him didn’t want to talk with him because he was so clueless. He couldn’t read the atmosphere. One day, when he walked around his castle, he got jaw-dropping advice about how to get girlfriend from a icky worm. The worm said “You don’t look cool ! At first, you have to change your face!” He followed this advice.He had his face surgery. He got confidence!! Next day, he trid to pick krudish girls up. As you expected, he failed to make his girlfriend. The important thing is not appearance but interiority.