During my summer vocation, I visited Thailand for the first time. This trip was the first one to foreign country. I was so exited. Everything looked fresh. The reason why I visited Thailand was that I learned about Thailand in this university.Of course, I tried to use Thail language. I wanted to feel real atmosphere of Thailand. I stayed for 1 week. Mainly, I went around Bangkok, such as temples and historical ruins. And, I visited Ayuthaya,in the north of Thailand. Ayutthaya is famous for historical ruins.There are many foreign¬†tourists there. I met one american tourist. He said he lived in Japan for about 5 years. So, we communicated by Japanese. I was happy to meet a foreign person who can speak Japanese. Then, I went to Phattaya. Phattaya has beautiful sea, we have heard, but it was out of season!! So we couldn’t swim in beatiful sea. It was unlucky. However,on the whole, we could spend a fun time.