50 years, 50 changes.

The trade of Japan from 1964 to 2014

The trade statistics of Japan

Export                  Import           (千円)

1964         2,402,348,862       2,857,515,493

2013       69,774,192,950      81,242,545,171

This statistics shows us that ,for 50 yeras, Japan has made a big progress econonically. The scale of trade is totally defferent. The number of export in 2013 is about 28 times as large as one in 1964. After the WW2, Japan was re-established rapidly.

But, I concern that the scale of trade is increasing, on the other hand, the gap between export and import is becoming wide. The scale of import becomes large. This means that Japan is deficit now,and Japan depends on foreign countries in many commodities.

I don’t know the solutions of this situation. But, it is obvious that Japan have to change this situation.