Word: prejudice…an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from you in some way, especially because of their race,sex,religion etc. (from Longman)

We talked about the question ” How are prejudice and bias created ? How do we overcome them ? ”

Frist,we talked about the example of prejudice and bias.

For example, many foreign people think that Japanese women serve their husbands. But,actually,most Japanese women do not so.

Also, we mistakenly believe that all African people are good at dance. But, of course, not all African people can dance well.

Second,we talked about why sometimes we have prejudice and bias.

I thought that it is because we lack information, or we get unreliable information. Now it is said that much unreliable information are spreading on the Internet. people who see them are likely to believe that information. Though they don’t have reliable information, they make wrong image throught unreliable information.