I’d like to talk about “Essential Questions”-How are prejudice and bias created ? How do we overcome them ?

First, let me mention the example of that.

In recent years, it is said that the relationship between Japan and South Korea has getting worse. In each countries, more and more people have bad impressions. Though I can mention some reasons for this, the main reason, I think , is media which tells the people information. The reason why I think the media is the main cause of this kind of people’s feelings is that , as you can imagine , media have strong power which builds the emotions of people. Media shapes or changes people’s ideas. So, I think this will create prejudice and bias. For example, In Japan, media seldom broadcast good things about China. The news about China they broadcast is always about something bad. So, many Japanese people are forced to think China is a bad country. This is how, prejudice and bias are created.