Last week, we finished the school festival called GAIGOSAI with great success. We run our shop which sells Thai foods and alcohols. We were happy to get the first prize in small departments. We had fun at the festival, but, of course, we had many difficulties. Let me tell you about story of the festival.

In our class, there are 15 students who learn about Thai. We started to prepare the festival in May. The first task we had to do was to select the manager. To my surprise, it was so fast. I was selected as the manager. This is because I’m oldest in our depatment!! Because I don’t like being the manager so much, I accepted it. From this time, our long and hard journey started.

At first, we started to select which foods we will sell. In the end, we decided to sell curry,phat thai,gapao(rice with fried meet),and 4 kind of alcohols. It was easy to decide foods, but after that, we realized that it was very difficult to make these foods like ones made in Thai. This is because we hadn’t made them ever although we have ate them. Before the summer vocation, we had only one opportunity to make them. The first meeting was, in a sense, success becasuse we could understand it was difficult to make nice Thai foods. After that, in summer vocation, we held meetings many times to become able to make delicious foods. In summer vocation, there were also many other tasks. For example, the manager had to decide how many tools we rent. This was a hard task because I couldn’t predict anything. By asking seniors about that and disscussing with classmates, I managed to do the task.

After the summer vocation, everything got busy. First, we had to improve the quality of foods. To do so, we made them many many times. Maybe we have about 10 times meetings. Second, we started to make decolations which would make our shop beautiful. Third,I had to decide how many ingredients we buy. About this task, the vice manager Sak, who are the member of GLIP , was in charge of that. She often complained about the task. I feel sorry for it.

Though many things happened, our journey was entering the final phase. The time had come to enjoy the festival. On November 20th, the festival started. Throught the festival, we hadn’t have big problem except one thing. That was… much people came to our shop than we expected !! So happy but so busy !! each one always moved to make foods or carry them or take orders. Thanks to our customers, we could get the first prize in small departments !! This was the time when we were rewarded for the hard tasks.

Now, I’d like to review our festival and give advice to ourselves.

① The vice manager and I had to share the tasks

Only 2 people did almost tasks. So,we couldn’t hear other worth ideas. If we build some roles, we could progress our tasks more effectively. I learned that it is important to share tasks when we progress a big project.

② We had to expect that unexpecting things will happen.

We bought ingredients based on the last festival’s deta. But, of course, things don’t always happen as expected. We have to also think about measures after problems happened.