In the last class, we saw a lot of 4-character-idioms. That was interesting and suggestive.

In this time, I made some of 4-character-idioms.


That means that in 2014 some people told lies and sometimes they made us laugh. In news, they were reported many times, and they became famous in a bad sense.


In 2014, the tax was raised from 5% to 8%. The Japanese goverment said that it would be okey to raise tax because the economic is becoming better. But actually, Japanese people didn’t feel that is true. So they feel sufferring from the raised tax.


A famous musician, ASKA arrested by using drugs. He was very known as a musician. When people hear this news, they were very surprised.


At first, I couldn’t pass this university, so I studied for one more year. Everyday I feel loney because I couldn’t do anything but study. But, it was okey because I could pass this university.