Noticing 4

Word: prejudice…an unreasonable dislike and distrust of people who are different from you in some way, especially because of their race,sex,religion etc. (from Longman)

We talked about the question ” How are prejudice and bias created ? How do we overcome them ? ”

Frist,we talked about the example of prejudice and bias.

For example, many foreign people think that Japanese women serve their husbands. But,actually,most Japanese women do not so.

Also, we mistakenly believe that all African people are good at dance. But, of course, not all African people can dance well.

Second,we talked about why sometimes we have prejudice and bias.

I thought that it is because we lack information, or we get unreliable information. Now it is said that much unreliable information are spreading on the Internet. people who see them are likely to believe that information. Though they don’t have reliable information, they make wrong image throught unreliable information.


Post 3 50 years,50 changes

50 years, 50 changes.

The trade of Japan from 1964 to 2014

The trade statistics of Japan

Export                  Import           (千円)

1964         2,402,348,862       2,857,515,493

2013       69,774,192,950      81,242,545,171

This statistics shows us that ,for 50 yeras, Japan has made a big progress econonically. The scale of trade is totally defferent. The number of export in 2013 is about 28 times as large as one in 1964. After the WW2, Japan was re-established rapidly.

But, I concern that the scale of trade is increasing, on the other hand, the gap between export and import is becoming wide. The scale of import becomes large. This means that Japan is deficit now,and Japan depends on foreign countries in many commodities.

I don’t know the solutions of this situation. But, it is obvious that Japan have to change this situation.

Noticing 3

Inbound / Outbound

In this class case,

Inbound…the foreign people who visit your country.

Outbound…the Japanese people who travel abroad.

50years,50changes. From 1964 to 2014

The number of inbound and the number of outbound.

1964                               2014

inbound   2,735,510 →      10,360,000

outbound  2,213,090 →      17,470,000

Post 2 About Nobel Prize

The other day, Malala Yousafzai was awarded The Nobel Peace Prize.She is known for human rights activities for education and women. Because of that activities, she was shot by the Taliban, who negates women education. Here’s a Malala’s speech.

Malala was born in Pakistan in 1997. Her father is making efforts to let women in Pakistan get an education. So, when Malala was young, she could get an education. This is uncommon in Pakitan. She continued to argue that every women have to get opportunities to get an education. So, Taliban, the group who negate women education, shot Malala. She was on the edge of death,but,she escaped death. Now, she is in Britain. Of cource, she continued to spread women education.

Noticing 2

“reconciliation”…the prosess of making two opposite benefits, ideas, or situation agree. In another easy words, To make two opposite group friendly.

This word is used in the The Nobel Peace Prise 2012. It says ” for over six decades contributed to the advancement of peace and reconciliation, democracy and human rights in Europe”

EU was established in 1992. It was called EC before EU. Countries which join in it have to share values of freedom,democracy,equality,rule of law and human rights. Before EC was established in 1967, in Europe, there were conflicts. Thanks to EC, conflicts have been solved. Of course, now there are conflicts in Europe, however, EU are making efforts to settle problems

Post 1 Summer Vocation

During my summer vocation, I visited Thailand for the first time. This trip was the first one to foreign country. I was so exited. Everything looked fresh. The reason why I visited Thailand was that I learned about Thailand in this university.Of course, I tried to use Thail language. I wanted to feel real atmosphere of Thailand. I stayed for 1 week. Mainly, I went around Bangkok, such as temples and historical ruins. And, I visited Ayuthaya,in the north of Thailand. Ayutthaya is famous for historical ruins.There are many foreign tourists there. I met one american tourist. He said he lived in Japan for about 5 years. So, we communicated by Japanese. I was happy to meet a foreign person who can speak Japanese. Then, I went to Phattaya. Phattaya has beautiful sea, we have heard, but it was out of season!! So we couldn’t swim in beatiful sea. It was unlucky. However,on the whole, we could spend a fun time.

Noticing 1

Be under someone’s control


The land is under the state control.

You are under your girlfriend’s control. That is, you obey her.


Someone or something is conserved and supervised by authorities such as state.



In today’s class, we discuss the news which happened during summer vocation. I and Chiaki talked about Oscar Pistorius, who killed his girlfriend. He is double-amputee runner. When he was in bed, he found someone being in shower room. He mistook the person for a theft, and he shot with a gun. But, the person was his girlfriend. He is in trial now. The issue is whether he is guilty or not. That he killed one person is the hard-and-fast fact. But, he killed her by mistake. The sentences was that he was cleared of premeditated murder but he was found guilty of culpable homicide. I think it is difficult to judge someone. The fact is more important than the motive ?

Post 12

End of semester reflection

In this class, I realize that I cannot speak English well. Since I was junior high school student, I have studied English. But, the educational system in Japan focuses on reading. We don’t have opportunities to speak English. So, this class was good occasion for me because we could try to speak it. However, of course, I couldn’t be a fluent English speaker through only this class. I want to be a person who can use English without difficulties. I’m planning to make much of this class after summer vocation and study English in summer vocation. I will focus on listening skill. By the time I educate this university, I want to have a good command of English.


The result of 30 days challenge

My 30 days challenge is that I make household account. I could continue to make it. 

Post 11 TED Draft

TED和食 Today, I’d like to take about traditional Japanese food – Washoku.

As you know, last year, Washoku was selected ICH – ” Intangible Cultural Heritage ” by UNESCO which trys to protect and inherit important cultures. As Japanese people, this is delightful because Washoku will become more popular in the world and it will be conserved.

But, when I stop and think again about Washoku, I thought ” What is Washoku exactly?”, ” What is the definition of Washoku.” When I hear Washoku, I associate it with healty and simple food like Soba, Udon and Sushi. Maybe most people think so too. But, I don’t know what is Washoku and what is not. So, now I want to think about the definition of Washoku.

Before starting discussion, at first, let me explain ICH. the UNESCO started ICH in 2006 to increase the awareness about not only tangible heritage, such as Atomic Bomb Dome in Hiroshima but also intagible heritage. Noh is one of the ICH.

The definetion of ICH is ” traditions or living expressions inherited from our ancestors and passed on to our descendants.”(from FOOD FIGHTER). So, ICH is something which has long history. Noh dates back to Muromachi Era. Likewise, Washoku has to be food which has long history.

Next, to get accurate definition,  I seached the Washoku on the Internet of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(MAFF), Norinnsuisan-sho.

According to MAFF, Washoku is “The custom about eating food”. Not only food but also how to make it, how to serve it and how to eat it are the important elements of Washoku. MAFF picks up the 4 elemens of Washoku, ingredient,cooking method,nourishment and hospitality(Omotenashi).


Japan has clear 4 seasons. So、we can get various ingredients. Also, Japan is blessed with many kinds of fish. For example, there are 28 main fish harvested in Japan. On the other hand, there are only 8 main fish harvested in Norway. And Japanese people eat more than twice as many fish as American a year. We eat 57 kg a year per person. These various ingredients are important elements.


There are many ways of cooking. Such as, steaming,and twe type boiling. one is by water(yuderu). The other is by seasoners(niru).

Most important point is that Washoku uses Umami. Now, Umami is known as one of the tastes. Other tastes are Acidity,Bitter,Sweet and Salty. Umami is made from many ingredients like fish,sea tangle,and shitake mushroom. By boiling them in water, you can extract Umami .


Washoku has low calorie relatively and you can get balance-maintained nourishment because ingredients in Japan are healty.This is why, I think, Washoku is popular all over the world now. Also, Washoku respects for nature.


Mentality is also important. It is important not only to welcome people who eat but also to show the manner like chopsticks and to create the seasonal atmosphere. The person who has Washoku need to understand these hospitalities.

As I explained to you,  the definition of Washou consisted of these 4 elements.

Today,however,the culture of Washoku is declining. Less and lthe ess people have opportinities to eat Washoku. After the WW2, Japanese food style has been changing because Japan has imported foreign cultures. So, we have to conserve and pass on Washoku.

Thank you for your attention.










Post 10

I chose some words from all Noticing and make a story.

I chose jaw-dropping ,the Japanese emperor, icky, clueless, pick someone up and krudish.





1000 years ago, there was a young man who governed Japan, The Japanese Emperor.He wanted to get krudish girlfriend for the lomg time. So, he tried to pick krudish girls up  However, most girls around him didn’t want to talk with him because he was so clueless. He couldn’t read the atmosphere. One day, when he walked around his castle, he got jaw-dropping advice about how to get girlfriend from a icky worm. The worm said “You don’t look cool ! At first, you have to change your face!” He followed this advice.He had his face surgery. He got confidence!! Next day, he trid to pick krudish girls up. As you expected, he failed to make his girlfriend. The important thing is not appearance but interiority.